Why Customized Trip?

Design your Itineraries

100% flexible - A complete day by day trek itinerary based on your interest and preferences.

Freedom to Choose

you get a variety of treks to choose from all over Himalayas whether it's offbeat, you name it and we'll make it happen.

Unforgettable Experiences

we focus on safe, hassle-free vacations where you can bond, learn and build long lasting memories together.

Budget Adjustment

You have special privilege on custom made treks & trips to adjust your budget (add or less) according to your preferences.

About Customized Trip

Are you the person who takes dessert before meal? With our customized trips, break all the rules of traditional travelling, unveil the weird you, the adventurous you, the quite you and the chaos within you. Choose your own route, leave your footprints in your own pattern. Experience drifting through the greenery with a cup of tea or a chilled drink in the mountains or a click-hi to the fountains with your trekking shoes on the slippery stone and your shoulder leaning against the huge cold piece of rock. But wait…aren’t you the one adventure type? Here is your dessert after the meal; Enjoy your own poetry in your own way to the destiny with your beloved ones. You don’t like trekking through the busy trails. Choose your own silent and peaceful route. Shower yourself with the essence of nature. Take a step out and design your trip. These customized treks of our, gives you the freedom to design your own itinerary, choose your destination or region of the trek, choose the type of accommodation you need and the cuisine you would to take on the mountains. We are here to fulfil all your needs and organise these treks according to your taste, style and comfort.

Also we have some suggested categories below designed for you, that you may like or you can design one for yourself. So, what you waiting for!! Get your backpacks ready and get your tickets booked.

Fill all the required details in the enquiry form or you can just contact us & email. Our travel expert will revert you soon.

Fill in the details from below and let us start planning your Adventure trip !

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Women Treks

Women Treks

Looking for a trek with your Girl gang? Here, we are to craft it the way you want.

College/Friends Treks

College/Friends Treks

Need a break from boring routine? Then, come with your buddies one of the best Himalayas treks


Mountain Expedition

Do you have a childhood dream to summit a peak? We will make it happen here.

Local Cultural Heritage treks

Local Cultural Heritage Treks

Spend few days exploring the culture and lifestyle of the remote villages in the Himalayas.

Recce Treks

Family Treks

Craving for some family bonding time over an adventure - based break? A trek in Himalayas is just what you need.


Luxury Treks

Imagine a glamping trek, complete with luxurious amenities but surrounded by raw nature is just what you looking for?