Luxury Treks

Luxury Treks

Looking for the adventure of your lifetime in the great Himalayas that takes you through different landscapes, beautiful meadows, waterfalls and streams around your campsite and mesmerizing views of snowcapped mountains. Then, the answer is Hikers 360 Adventures!!!!

Whether you want a wholly trekking focused vacation or a trip that includes a gentle walk that take you on quiet trails in mountains or remote Himalayan villages away from the crowds to get closer to the landscapes of the place, the people and their living treks accordingly to your taste, style and comfort. On these treks accordingly to your own knowledgeable guide shows you the way, point out things of interest that you might otherwise miss introduces you to the locals, and tell you about their customs. Also there’s no need to worry about holdings anyone up or sprinting ahead and covering some distance the pace is up to you.

These incredible luxury treks in the Himalayas are the perfect way to discover your true self and enjoy pampering on the side.
What you waiting for!!!!

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