Recce Treks

Recce Treks

Hey guys, we have brought something new for your unique trekking experience in the Himalayas – Recce treks!! Join us on a recce trek when our team explores new trekking routes in the Himalayas. These recce treks are for the more adventurous trekker or for the experienced trekker who wants to go one level up by these self-supported treks as we move into unknown terrain with uncertain paths and conditions. People who trek regularly would know that how exploration or recce trek is different from normal trek organized by any trekking company. Though it will be self-supported trek as you have to carry your own loads like tent, sleeping bag and even ration but there will be our leader who is expert in handling the adverse situation at times. We also bring an experienced local guide who can teach us about the unknown route and the local culture and traditions in the region. Believe us, if you truly have this kind of adventurous spirit inside you, and want to have extra thrilling experience in your trekking then my friend, these recce treks are absolutely for you.

These treks will be challenging and physically demanding as they are different from regular fixed departure treks.

On exploration treks, there will be lesser logistics, as the idea is to cut down the “facilities”. Being with the lesser logistics gives us flexibility while exploring so that we can move fast or change plans/routes easily (if required). There will be no porters or hardly one porter as each participant carries everything required for themselves like sleeping bags, mats, personal stuff and shares some technical equipment load. Since it is a recce, it adds responsibility to each one of us as we have to document, map the trail and decide the campsites. We just have to calculate each and everything sincerely. If you’re experienced trekker, you start feeling comfortable on normal treks as you get nice people – leader, porters, helpers, and mules and not having much to do except for walking and reaching the campsite. So, it is important to step out of the comfort zone and explore & learn more above techniques, trails and yourself. Budget-friendly as the cost of these exploratory trips will be split equally amongst all team members! If you interested in these exploratory treks, fill out the form below and we’ll definitely get back to you!

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