Young Explorer Adventure Camping & Trekking

Young Explorer Adventure Camping & Trekking


The team Hikers 360 Adventures organizes learning-based Adventure Camping and Trekking trips for young souls. This program of ours is to encourage and facilitate the spirit of exploration, thrill and adventure into young souls through learning-based Adventurous treks & activities. The treks, we conduct are designed on skilled base learnings which include- camping manner, trekking etiquettes, tent pitching, how to use sleeping bags, knots making, ascending and descending trails, morning yoga and evening stretching etc.

This way, we help in encouraging soft skills, leadership, teamwork and social skills using the outdoor treks in the Himalayas as a tool but we give them the exposure of nature & mountains and chance to step out of their comfort zone, learn to survive by themselves.

The promotion of fitness, healthy living and spirit of Adventure is high on our adventure camps & treks. Children not only learn these skills but they learn to cook, wash their own cutleries when on trek or camps which is fun and becomes their memorable experience. These outdoor Himalayan treks will make your kids physically, emotionally, socially and mentally fit as living close to nature will heal or reduce the stress, anger and anxiety issues and fill their minds with positive vibes.

Activities for Summer Camp:-

  • Rock Climbing
  • Wall Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Hiking
  • River Rafting
  • Camp Games
  • Commando Net Climbing
  • Zip line
  • Rope Course
  • Yoga
  • Cooking

Activities for Learning Based Treks:-

  • Tent Pitching
  • Rucksack Packing
  • Flora & Fauna Knowledge
  • Survival Night
  • Knots Making
  • River Crossing
  • Ascend & Descend on Trails
  • Zip line
  • Yoga
  • Energizer and Games
  • Eco Awareness

Benefits of our School Camp Program?

Through our Adventure camps and treks, your students will learn outdoor skills, trek through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Himalayas and discover the flora & fauna of the forest and so much more. In nature's classroom, the students will be learning other important lessons too: practicing communication/ public speaking through our daily "evening experience sharing"; critical thinking as "leader of the day"; setting up camp and cooking meals; problem through fun team - building games; and kindness by staying close to nature. Also, they will learn the art exploring mountains from the most skilled Mountaineer instructors.

Why choose us for School Outdoor Program?

  • Safety is our first priority and our instructors will focus on conducting each & every activity under the guideline of safety to each and every student.
  • Instructors- our team is well trained and certified in their specific fields. Female instructor dedicated to the group looks after the welfare of the girl students.
  • Equipment- all the equipment used by us are of good quality and UIAA certified.
  • Medical Aid- our instructors or team leader always carry first aid kit with themselves and they are Wilderness first responders too.
  • Food-dinner whether it's high altitude treks or camps, we are or of our menu and the various fresh items, it offers. We give top priority to hygienic and it is generally a combination of Indian, continental and Chinese food. Fruits are given as refreshments.

Fill in the details from below and let us start planning your Adventure trip !

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